FTDI Kablosu 3.3V
FTDI Kablosu 3.3V

FTDI Kablosu 3.3V

Marka : RF Design
Fiyat : ₺538,93(KDV Dahil)
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RF Design modemleri ile uyumlu FTDI kablosudur.

Product Description

The FTDI USB to TTL serial cable provides connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces.

It is well suited to interfacing a RFD900 radio modem, or any other TTL level serial device to a PC via the USB port.

Interface Voltage: 3.3V

Supply Voltage: 5.0V

Cable Length: 1.8m

Datasheet: FTDI TTL-232 Datasheet

Drivers: VCP Drivers (Virtual Com Port)  - Please use version 2.0.28 of the driver for these cables!